• Include ages of kids, years of experience, relevant employment/jobs, and placements completed. 
    • Sample Answer: I have been working with children for five years, from 10 month old babies to early teens. I have been a date night sitter, full-time summer nanny, and driver for kids to and from activities! I feel like I make an impact on the children when we are having fun, laughing, and when they are learning! I am always happy and show an interest in whatever they want to do. I love working with kids! I am looking for a placement for the school year while in Columbus for college and look forward to meeting your family!

Favorite Memory/Experience 

  • Include a few sentences about your favorite memory or favorite experience while caring for children/pets/the elderly.
    • Sample Answer: My favorite babysitting memory was when I got the opportunity to nanny the two sweetest girls during the summer after my freshman year of college. I would take them shopping, to the beach and pool, on hikes and walks, and even to water parks. I loved this job because I got the opportunity to grow so close to these girls by doing so many fun activities with them.


  • Include your favorite interests. Example: Dancing, Museums, Zoo, Dolls, Board Games, Painting, Tennis, Soccer, etc.
    • Sample Answer: Park, pool, board games, playing outside, dolls, dancing, zoo and history museums.


  • Include what makes you a unique care provider. Example: Foreign Languages, Expert in Finance, Specialized Degree, Hair Brading, Cooking, etc. 
    • Sample Answer: Finance and astronomy