If you received a message that your photo wasn't approved, review the following guidelines and submit a new photo:

  • Look professional and keep it family-friendly - Don’t upload a picture that  displays nudity (such as a bathing suit or shirtless or middrift showing), alcohol, tobacco, or other offensive behaviors.

  • Clearly show your face - Your primary photo should make a great first impression with a headshot and should only be a photo of yourself. Do not include others/children/pets in your primary photo. Do not obscure your face with a hat, sunglasses, or face mask (other than for religious or cultural purposes).

  • Original images - Don’t upload an image that has a collage, filter, cartoon image, writing, or markings on it (such as names, copyrights, filters from apps, and glamour shots).

  • Orientation - Be sure the photo is oriented correctly and is of good quality (such as good lighting, not too dark, and the face is not cropped out).

All photos should adhere to the photo guidelines to ensure CassiesCardinals.com is a safe, trusted and welcoming community.

Suitable and professional headshots will be approved:

  • Good facial expressions
  • Color photography (not black and white)
  • Good proportions (face is at least half of the area)
  • Solid or blurred background
  • Good lighting
  • Professional shirt with solid color (no busy patterns)

Photos that violate the guidelines above or are of poor quality will not be approved:

  • Bad proportions (either too close up or too far away)
  • Being shirtless (please wear clothes - this is not Instagram)
  • Wearing distracting accessories (hats and sunglasses are not recommended)
  • Intense facial expression (middle photo)
  • Arm up (the focus should be on your face)